Survey Newswire

Who We Are

Survey Newswire is an online polling organization seeking to provide industry experts with the insight needed to produce, market and sell the products that customers actually want to buy. Your opinion helps us to help build a better product platform upon which industry experts can launch new brands or build a loyal brand following. Take our survey to see how your opinion polls with like-minded people who are in


What We Do

As an independent market research bureau, Survey Newswire simply hosts surveys that you may respond to on the basis of your own background and experience. Survey Newswire allows for strictly permission based marketing. What this means is that you can opt into programs provided by the third party clients we represent in the survey so that you can receive more information on the topics that interest you. Once you have been contacted, you can opt out at any time


How You Can Help

Take our one-page surveys to let us know what you think about the following products and services. Your opinion matters to us and you can help us provide our clients with insight into their latest product offerings.